The World Bluesmoose Blues Significance awards. – Our reaction to the European Blues Ackwards. The European Awards is a scam

Apperently we ruffled some feathers. We promised the European Blues awards organisation (big word for what we think is a one man operation) that we present this years winners. That we did.

We had fun making this show but personnaly we think this whole European Blues awards is Bullshit. In the communication with the supposed EBA team there are so many red Flags raised that we can’t take this seriously anymore.

We understand that a lot of winners are happy with their award and so are we for them. But in the process of picking a winner there are so many questionable things happening and flaws in the backstory that we call this bullshit. That was also the purpose to know this organisation a little better but we where presented with smokescreens, adjusted stories and a lot of mistakes on their website.

We don’t want to take away any fun in winning by any former or current winner but we also wish that everybody who is nominated or better never nominated the change to win something. So we made a template of The WORLD BLUESMOOSE BLUES SIGNIFICANCE award. or as we Call it The BS Award

You can download it , fill in your own name and print it.


downlaod the powerpoint BS AWARD template Here

If you wqnt to see the show again here it is:

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