Woensdag 17 september 2014 The Dynamite Bluesband in Bluesmoose café

dynamite bluesband bluesmoose cafe

BANG! And then there was the Dynamite Blues Band…

Wesley, Niels and JJ, who played in the very successful Dutch blues band “Big Blind”, team up again to create a new explosion of blues music. Together with brand-new stompin’ bass player Renzo van Leeuwen they form this new band that brings you fat dirty sounding blues as it was originally intended.

The Dynamite Blues Band has just seen the light in February 2013 but already they are invited for several blues festivals throughout Europe even before playing or recording a single note! Everybody just knows its firework when these guys play together.

So be prepared when the Dynamite Blues Band is coming to your town and remember that wearing a helmet, safety glasses and ear protection is not just a luxury…;)

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