Giles Robson band Live in Bluesmoose cafe 14 december 2016

Giles Robson 14-12-2016 bmcafe

Giles Robson wordt algemeen beschouwd als een van de “grootst” levende bluesharp spelers.
Op 28 oktober verscheen het nieuwste album van de voormalige voorman van The Dirty Aces. “For Those Who Need The Blues” roept herinneringen op aan artiesten als The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Red Devils, Little Walter en Muddy Waters. Het geeft een nieuwe impuls aan het gevoel en de spirit van de klassieke bedrock blues.
De cd bevat negen vette blues nummers die grotendeels in één of twee takes en zonder overdubs zijn opgenomen. Hierdoor druipt de energie en spontaniteit van het album af.
Robson heeft hiervoor een compleet nieuwe band samengesteld, bestaande uit drummer Darren Crome, gitarist Andy Knight en bassist Jeff Walker. Het klinkt echter alsof ze al jaren samenspelen. De bijzondere synergie tussen de mondharp en zang van Robson en de band zorgen voor een levendig en dynamisch werk waarmee ze klaar zijn om Nederland en de rest van Europa te veroveren!

World leading blues harmonica player Giles Robson and his first class band have been experiencing an awesome 2016. The incredible buzz around their dirty sweat down the walls twelve bar road house blues saw them signed to Dutch Major Label V2 Records making them made label mates with such household names as Mumford & Sons, Adele, Simply Red and Skunk Anansie.

His debut album, “For those Who Need The Blues” recorded completely live in one session captured the spontaneous dirty and rough blues sound that is gaining Robson and the band rave reviews and stellar audience reactions and the ear of V2 Records.

Add to that being spotted by the BBC and booked to headline the Saturday night on the first ever BBC Introducing stage at the massive mainstream Latitude festival then you’ll see that this is THE blues band to watch in 2016/17

Think The Red Devils and the Fabulous Thunderbirds mixed with Little Walter and Muddy Waters. This is world class blues in its most dirty, primal, emotional and groovy state. It’s a sound that never fails to rock the house and knock out an audience. As Robson says “This is the sound of a whole band working together as a team. The magic of this sound is how it works together so well and almost telepathic connection between all of the band members and the fact that this band’s rhythm section understands how to REALLY groove.”

“For Those Who Need The Blues” will be released on V2 Records across Europe and the UK on October 28th 2016 and will see the band extensively touring the UK during Autumn 2016 and throughout 2017 in support of the album.

See them live and you’ll witness what the esteemed describes as an “Awesome Gig” with a sound that will give you “Goosebumps”. Grab a copy of their album and you’ll enjoy what top UK magazine Blues Matters describes the “Sound and spontaneous feel of blues done right….when it comes out of the CD player I’ll be putting it on the top shelf alongside the Muddy Waters Band and Lester Butler’s Red Devils”

Giles Robson and his band are quite simply on fire. They are on the top of their game and at the top of the blues world. Be part of their exciting journey as they bring the pure blues out of the shadows and rock a venue near you soon.

“Then on stage comes Giles Robson -WOW- I really like these classic blues tracks with everything in there that should be – If you like blues you will like Giles Robson and I’m not on a commission”.

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