Bluesmoosenonstop 981-48-2014

de Feestdagen komen er weer aan: Guess what the theme is?

Aldes blues band – I’am getting drunk
Elmore D.- Sloppy drunk again
Dr. Feelgood – Punch Drunk
Uni Debess – Drunk Drifter Blues
Shane Speal’s Snake Oil Band; -When She Gets Drunk, She Gets Horny
Litl Mike and the Torna does – I got drunk tonight
RB Stone.- Texas Drunk Tank Blues
Guy Forsyth – Sloppy Drunk
Whitey Morgan and the 78s; – I aint drunk
Nice as Pie – Drunk stoned stupid
Allman Brothers band – Drunken hearted boy
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Power Drunk
Matt Taylor and Chian – Don’t call me a drunkard
Anson Funderburg and the rokects – I don’t quit getting sloppy drunk
Frank Edwards – Done getting drunk

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