Bluesmoosenonstop 517-23-2010 (wk south africa and orange) (from the archive)

Bobby Charles – football blues (Homemade songs)
Chris Rea – French Football – (The return of the fabulous Hofner Blue notes)
Michael Barley – the shoe is on the other foot (Blue eyed Blues)
Shirley Johnson – Take your foot of my back (Blues attack)
Accoustic Blues duo _ Rabbit foot blues (Blind Lemon Jefferson ( do you like pigmeat?)
Buster Benton – The Footbal (That’s the reason)
Grand funk railroad _ footstompin’ Music (Caught in the act)
Rockin Jimmy Grimmins – Footsteps( keepin’it real)
Steve Hackett – Footloose (Blues with a feeling)
Kid Ramos – Devils Foot (Greasy Kid stuff)
Eric Bibb – Put your Foot down ( Home to me)
Long John Hunter – One foot in texas (One foot in texas)
The Hokum Boys – Pat a foot blues (Georgia Tom The completer recording 1928-1930)
Kinsey Report – Free South Africa (Midnight drive)
Jimmy Dawkins – tribute to Orange (tribute to orange)
Paul Rishell + Annie Raines – orange dude blues (A night in Woodstock)

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