Bluesmoosenonstop 1401-49-2018 – Theme F*ck

GutBucket Slim – What the F**k – Blues emporium – 2009
Billy Boy Arnold – Dirty Motherf*cker
Michael van Merwijk – F*ck you Mr. Trouble
The Big Blue House – He is a F*cking bluesman
DaYna Kurtz – Don’t F*ck around with love
Freddie King – Boogie F*ck
Angel South – i’m a mean mothaf*cka
Matt Hill – Why the f*ck do you think I cuss
Marcos Coll – F*cked Up
Reverend Deadeye – F*ck the devil
Eric Burdon – Who Gives a F*ck
Mojo Bluesman – My woman out F*ckin
Andy Frasco – Mature as f*ck
Blenders – Don’t f*ck around with love
Popa Chubby – Go F*ck yourself

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