Bluesmoose meets Jon Ellison – some kind of wonderful

Always wanna know who “the wonderfull” was in that famous song? Jon Ellison tells it.

Bluesmoose meets Jon Ellison the original writer and composer of “Some Kind of wonderfull”. Jon Ellison is a former member of the Soulbrother Six and wrote “some kind of wonderfull” mostly known by the Grand Funk railroad version from 1974.

By sheer coincedince Bluesmoose met Jon Ellison in a hotel in Groesbeek (NL) the hometown of Bluesmoose. He was there for recordings with his cowriter and producer Roger Heijster.

We took the opportunity to interview him.
I Just Took my phone out and started a more than interessting conversation about the origin of the Classic song. How and when and why he wrote it, How grand funk railroad picked it up. about his journey in the music bussiness, Racism, His writing skills, his spice bussiness. Lots of stories. just watch it en enjoy it.

sound and video direct from a smartphone (sorry) but the video is too good not to share.

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