Bluesmoose 548-39-2010 – P.A.U.L. (Paul lamb Live at bluesmoose radio) (from the Archive)

(Paul lamb Live at bluesmoose radio) (from the Archive)

P-A-U-L delivers Blues Rock that´s a crossbreed of deep seeded grooves, lightning riffs, and soulful melodies. A sound that creates a perfect backdrop for his heartfelt lyrical memoirs of life on the road. Paul Andrew Ulysses Lamb was born in Detroit and raised on the streets of an east side community known as Harper Woods.

At age three, his father bought him a Jimi Hendrix album for his birthday. It changed his life forever. Absorbing the music of artists like Hendrix, Johnny Winter, and Johnny Cash, P-A-U-L’s dream of making a career out of music slowly started taking shape. After high school, P-A-U-L caught the first bus to Hollywood. He began hanging out in the scene and became educated by some of the West Coast’s most notorious rock stars. With his self-taught guitar skills, soulful rock voice, and desire to play music wherever and whenever he could, P-A-U-L hit the road. He hasn’t stopped touring since.

P-A-U-L has been performing for nearly fifteen years. He has shared the stage with many renowned artists. In the mid-nineties, P-A-U-L became the front man for The Glory Revival; an 8-piece Phoenix Arizona band for which he wrote and produced all material. The band got signed and recorded two albums in Detroit, where P-A-U-L was introduced and asked to play with Detroit acts like the Ethan Daniel Davidson 5, and Darren McCarty’s Grinder. As a regular session musician for the legendary Rustbelt Studios, P-A-U-L was introduced to Shannon Curfman and Lennon Murphy, ending up recording and touring with them in 2006.

His debut album ‘Hangin’ On For Dear Life’ is due for imminent release. A collection of fire bred songs, fuelled by years of hard life, strong whiskey and soft, female persuasion. He plans to tour the United States and Europe in 2010 with his new band, The Harper Woods Heroes.

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