Bluesmoose 1468-31-2019 Guest- Layla Zoe

We had the lovely Layla Zoe from Canada in our Bluesmoose Studio and we gave her the key to the show. She called the shots.

and a great and informative and interesting show it became. listen here to this show

Layla zoe – I’ll be reborn blues – Gemini – 2018
Krissy Matthews – Level with the devil
Ina Forsman – All good
Steve Hill – Go on
Sonny Landreth w/ Derek Trucks – Congo Square
Layla Zoe – The deeper they bury me – Gemini – 2018
Jeff Healey – As the years go passing by
Sue foley – 81 (5:34)
Layla zoe – Ghost Train – gemini – 2018



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