Bluesmoose 139-139-2006 (from the archive)

Lets start with posting some old shows we still had in a digital form.
The first 140 or so shows where done live. straight from cd’s. late 2006 Omroep Groesbeek started with a digital fromat instead of starting the shows from Minidisk.

here they are. enjoy this trip through Bluesmoose memory lane.

Bluesmoose36-139-2006 – presentative Gerrie
Rob Tognoni – Drink Jack Boogie
Eric Clapton – blues before sunrise
Meniketti – Messin with mr Big.
Blue moday – Blue blood
Glen Hughes -here comes the rebel
Julian Sas – Right thing
Dave hole – short fuse blues
Guy Forsyth – taxi
Rory Gallagher – too much alcohol
Rob Tognoni- 24 hour notice
Toni Galla – ASAP

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