Nick Moss band & Dennis Gruenling live recording session for Bluesmoose radio 12 july 2017

12 juli 2017
cafe bar de Comm
Dorpsstraat 12
6562 AB Groesbeek

aanvang 20:00 uur
einde 22:00 uur.

we denken dat het een volle bak wordt. dus wees op tijd. we gaan open om 19:15 uur. als het vol is kan er niemand meer bij. (duh)

mailtje effe naar

Nick Moss 12-7-2017 bmcafe

Live recording audio and Video for Bluesmoose radio. Nick Moss band & Dennis Gruenling

Nick Moss band

Chicago blues. Those two words conjure up the most powerful and evocative images in the entire history of American music. Think smoke-filled taverns on the South or West Side nearly ablaze with tremendous displays of electrified Delta beats from dignitaries named Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Jimmy Rogers, Little Walter, Elmore James, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells and so many more. Imagine sidewalk curbs and street corners on busy Maxwell Street where storied performers like Hound Dog Taylor and Robert Nighthawk wailed the blues for spare change.
Chicago blues is now also synonymous with guitarist Nick Moss. Though the golden era of Chicago blues is long past with many of its key players deceased or retired, this young Chicagoan stands tallest in the current generation of blues performers that honor the letter and spirit of the great urban African-American music. No less than Jimmy Rogers saw Nick as a protégé, a torchbearer, and a colleague. Leading Chicago-style guitarist Buddy Guy sanctions his talent: “Nick Moss is one of the local favorites at my club, Legends. I always enjoy the way he plays and works hard to please our audience”. Noted Chicago-based music journalist Bill Dahl, never one for gratuitous praise, has raved over Nicks guitar playing, saying he possesses mastery of the classic Chicago sound, while acclaimed blues producer Dick Shurman numbers himself among Nicks ever-growing legion of admirers, calling his Windy City neighbor “an increasingly centered artist who can rightly be called a master”.

A musician of consummate skill, Nick fully understands the debt he owes his predecessors and how important it is to carry on tradition in an honorable fashion. “I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel,” he says with characteristic modesty, “or trying to bring things into the new millennia. I’m just playing what was handed down to me and do it justice. I have a lot of respect for the guys who taught it to me; I played with Jimmy Dawkins, I played with Willie Smith, I played with Jimmy Rogers and in my heart I love [this music] and I dont feel it has to be changed much.”


after receiving his first harmonica as a gift from a family friend, he had heard his first blues record and his life was never the same! Dennis already was a life-long music fan (having grown up on country & western and big band/oldies), and already was acquiring a decent record collection (thanks to his obsession with music & his own radio show in high school!), but the harmonica took him in a whole new direction. Before long, Dennis was tracking down all the harmonica and blues records he could find, and tried to learn as much as he could.

Dezelfde avond staat Guns and Roses voor minimaal 85 euro op de Goffertweide in Nijmegen. samen met 65.000 fans. (UITVERKOCHT)
voor heel wat minder is er bij Bluesmoose een muzikale smorgasboard van de beste chicago blues.
Dat kan natuurlijk wat oponthoud op de weg betekenen. vanuit het zuiden a73. afslag malden/gennep geen probleem. kom je vanuit het noorden Waalbrug richting beek/kleef naar Groesbeek ook geen probleem.
Rondom 16:00 tot 19:00 kun je aan de westzijde van Nijmegen (Beuningen, Wijchen) toch wat oponthoud hebben.
of je komt lekker eerder en gaat wat lekkers eten in de talloze restaurantjes die Groesbeek rijk is.
maar goed dat wij om 20:00 beginnen.
En daarnaast…voor diezelfde 85 euro koop je dan ook nog eens alle CD’s van Nick Moss en Dennis Gruenling. (je komt een heel eind) van de topmuzikanten zelf.
De Comm is ongeveer even groot als een tiende fotografenbufferbak voor het podium in de goffert. Dus bij ons sta je met de neus op de muziek.
naar een scherm kijken dat kan dan weer later.
Je staat droog..(geen regen) maar mocht je dan weer droog staand.een biertje wordt zo gebracht. en vaak is er ook nog een krukje beschikbaar als je wat moeilijk lang kunt staan. we fouilleren niemand en een rugzakje groters als een a4tje mag ook naar binnen.
we kijken naar jullie uit.
Oh ja en voor de die-hard blues community in Nederland. jullie kunnen Hans Wijnand Blues aan het werk zien in zijn eerste officiele taak als tour”manager”. Jullie mogen hem komen pesten. Dat doen wij ook.

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Bluesmoose nonstop 1251-26-2017

just had episode 1250 and we just continue with episode 1251. Enjoy!!

Bluesmoosenonstop 1251 week 26-2017

Howlin Wolf – The wolf is at your door – Memphis Days Definitive Edition Vols 1 and 2-1989
Freddie King – Have you ever loved a woman – Complete King Federal Singles – 2015 – 320 2CD\CD1 – 2012
Doug MacLeod Band – SRV – Ain’t The Blues Evil – 1991
Diesel – First time I met the Blues – Project Blues – Saturday Suffering Fools – 2009
Wolf Mail – Undone – Above The Influence – 2013
Michael Katon – Bought and sold – Ror’ outta hell. – 2017
Mike Andersen – Still drinking – Mike Andersen – 2013
Mississippi Heat – Softhearted woman – Hattiesburg Blues – 2008
Moeller Bros., The – Got my eyes on you – The Bull Creek Sessions – 2011
Mungo Jerry – One more n ight without you – Kicking Back – 2015
Walter Horton (feat.Ronnie Earl) – Country Girl – Live at the Knickerbocker – 2001
Catfish – Make it rain – Broken Man – 2017

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1250 afleveringen Bluesmoose radio

Just realised that we have our 1250th radioshow on air this weekend.
Bluesmoose radio est 2004

We komen er net achter dat we onze 1250e aflevering van Bluesmoose radio de ether in slingeren aankomend weekend.

We zijn bezig ons complete uitzending archief (voor zover digitaal nog voorhanden) online te zetten. Dat al doende kwamen er achter dat we veel meer uitzendingen gemaakt hebben dan we dachten. ( een jaartje nonstoppers in 2007 vergeten mee te tellen.) Dit weekend komen aflevering 1250 en 1251 al in de lucht.

Hiep Hiep onszelf.!!

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Bluesmoose 1250 special Back water Roll Bluesband (Uk)

Bluesmoose 1202 week 26 -2017

Special Backwater Roll Blues band (Uk)

Backwater roll blues band – Walking the dog – Live in Bluesmoose café 14 juni 2017
Backwater roll blues band – Satisfy my soul – Live in Bluesmoose café 14 juni 2017
Backwater roll blues band – Love that Burns – Live in Bluesmoose café 14 juni 2017
Backwater roll blues band – wait on time- Live in Bluesmoose café 14 juni 2017
Backwater roll blues band – Devil woman – Live in Bluesmoose café 14 juni 2017
Backwater roll blues band – Shake your money maker – Live in Bluesmoose café 14 juni 2017

verslag van Joe Brooks voor

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Bluesmoosenonstop 1201

Bluesmoosenonstop 1201 week 25-2017

Roy Buchanan – When a guitar plays the Blues – Messiah on Guitar – 2007
Supersonic Blues Machine –That’s my way (feat Chris Duarte) West Of Flushing South Of Frisco – 2016
Monster Mike Welch – All the love in the world –
Eric Gales – Good for sumthin’- Good For Sumthin’ (2014)
Dr. Feelgood – Rock me baby – Mad Man Blues – 1985
Jimmy Reed – How long Blues – Sings The Best Of The Blues – 2000
Michael de Jong – Blues for Jimmy Alive – 1997
Jason Buie – Urban Blues – 2008
Jeff Healey Band – While my Guitar gently wheeps – Hell To Pay – 1990
Ted Nugent – never stop believing – Shutup & Jam! – 2014
T-Bone Walker – Midnight Blues – Midnight Blues – 2004
Mr Sipp – Hole in my heart – The Mississippi Blues Child (2015)

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Ryan McGarvey solo acoustic gig in Bluesmoose café 2 juli 2017 – SOLD-OUT

Ryan McGarvey sunday late afternoon 2 july 2017. Solo acoustic live.
Our good Buddy Ryan is on some R & R in Europe. To thank his loyal fans for their support i the tough past months there is a suprise solo acoustic gig on sunday the 2nd of July 2017 in Cafe bar de Comm – Groesbeek.
wanna be present?

lucky for the ones who reacted fast. al the available tickets are reserved. it is gonna be packed.
Luckily Bluesmosoe is gonna record it.

Ryan McGarvey sold out 2-07-2017 bmcafe

upcoming recordings juli tm jan 2018 bmcafe sold out ryan

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